The Wizard offers..... 


Valencia Elementary After School Studio Space 

An after school program that is both fun and inventive! The Wizard of Art believes that art comes from a creative process not from someone telling us how and what to draw, color or paint. The children will have a monthly "Plan of Possibilities" which is like a very open ended theme. Meaning we might have some adult guided processes but there will always be a wide variety of options for the creative process. Materials will change periodically and the children have a lot of influence in what will be made available to them. The Wizard of Art provides an organic, non GMO snack with fruits and veggies always offered. We will only offer water or fruit infused water to drink. Mindfulness is also a big component of the program. We will play some mindfulness games for transitions and before entering the creative space. Environment is also an important part of our Studio Space. The materials will be set out with intentionality of premier creative experiences. We work with and collaborate with the children to use their time clocks for when outside gross motor play is needed so we can all recognize when we need a break. This program runs 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, right after school is over. (M,T,TH,F) 2:15pm-4:15pm and (Wednesday)12:15pm-2:15pm. Minimum of two days a week is preferred but not required. we have three, four and 5 days a week as well. This will be a small group (number of students depends on students ages.) with 2 adults on staff at all times. (sometimes 3 when we get special guests!) Throughout the year we will have special guests bring something different to the table. (science based art, succulent gardens, sewing and others!) 

Birthday Parties

The Wizard of Art can come to your birthday party! I have a long list of parties ideas BUT with creativity we can come up with whatever you want. The sky is the limit so just contact me and we can chat about your wants and needs..

Art and Mindfulness

This is a 1 hour class at the Pacific Cultural Center in Santa Cruz. More info coming shortly.