About Studio Space

Days and times for the studio space are...

                         Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  from 2:15pm-4:15pm

                         Wednesdays from 12:15pm-215pm


The program will offer free play on the playground to get all the wiggles out and to interact with their peers to create peer relationships outside of the classroom. These relationships add to the enrichment of their art experiences, opening up opportunities to collaborate with different age groups and inspire each others creations.

An organic or non GMO, vegetarian healthy snack will be offered as well as water.

Each month we will follow a plan of possibilities which is like a loosely planned theme of materials. Each child will take home 1 teacher led/inspired work of art that goes with the monthly theme.  Many more works of art will go home as well that are made during open studio time. This program is all process based so even if they are not making a lot of take home works of art it may be that they are using their time to work on one for an extended period of time.

This program will run month to month meaning you will sign a contract to be paid at the beginning of each month and need to give me a month notice if deciding to leave the program. This insures that I can fill the spot for the next month.

Materials… Most materials used will be artist quality meaning some might be a bit messy. (being an artist is messy sometimes) I will have aprons and cover ups available and please let me know if it is a must for class. (A change of clothes is a great idea so they can change before class if you want to make sure those school clothes stay pristine!) 

Special Guests…. I have a few Valencia parents who have agreed to come in and show up their special talent (The Arts are not just for paint and drawing!) A scientist who works at Stanford who will come in and do some science based art. My own Mother is a working artist in Aptos and will share her skills whenever possible. All of our teachers also are artist who bring their own spin to creativity. More of the arts to be exposed too!

All of the teachers at The Wizard of Art are fully qualified and are invested in Valencia as a community. Please check our their bio's coming soon!

This program is all about being positive and developing a love for creativity and inspiring imagination while gaining confidence in their own abilities. Our top priority is safety with a little bit of risk involved. We will have projects that require more adult help but if we are confidant in the skill level of the child they will be asked if they want to try it. (glue guns, irons, and other adult controlled materials. We use our best judgement and being parents we make sure to be as safe as possible. We also talk a lot about respect for each other, materials and the classroom which includes the art class during school hours (for grades 1-3). We use conflict resolution in all situations where conflict arises. If it becomes consistent or unsafe for others and themselves restriction to certain materials, separation from the group or a call home for pick up in extreme cases. The Wizard of Art is a voluntary program, and if safe or respectful practices are not being used we reserve the right to ask the family to leave the program. We will write up small contracts for the kiddos and parents to sign about respect in the beginning of the program.

Contact me with any questions and also follow my blog to see all the fun and what’s to come!





Contract Agreements

This program runs every school day after school for 2 hours on Valencia Campus.  You can sign up for any combo of days but first come first served and we will cap it depending on ages enrolling per day. Program is open to all grades. I will have activities and materials that are age appropriate for all grades but some will only be safe to use in the upper grades. (Don’t worry! On those days I will bring extra special younger kiddo materials)

This program will run month to month and a month. At least a 2 week notice if not returning for the next month is required. This will allow me to offer the spot to another family for the next month. On months with holidays with the exception of January the tuition will not be prorated. Any questions please ask. 

All monthly tuition is due by the 1st of the month and will be billed the week before from Quick books. This invoice is able to be paid online through quickbooks but because they charge the program that fee an extra charge will be added to cover it. Check or cash is preferred. Please contact me if you are in need of extra time after the 1st. Please pick up on time, a late fee of $5 every 5 mins will be charged. If a family has not paid or contacted me by the 15th the child(res) will be dropped for the month. Again if you will be late or need other accommodations please reach out! I am here to help but need communication : )

Registration: Please fill out my interest form if you haven't reached out to me yet with interest. I will send you the registration form. It is all done online so no pesky packets to pick up. Once registration is filled out I will send an invoice. Once the initial invoice is paid your day(s) will be saved. Some days will fill up fast (Wednesday especially) 



Tuition is due by the first of the month. Paying through quickbooks will add a percentage fee for using the online billing. With the exception of August. Check or Cash Preferred. We work hard on making the program as affordable as possible. The tuition is based on the school year calendar so every month will be the same tuition regardless of holidays with the exceptions of August, January and June being prorated by week and not days attended. 


5 days a week $400.00 a month

4 days a week $350.00 a month

3 days a week $275.00 a month

2 days a week $190.00 a month

1 day a week $100.00 a month










Please contact me for any questions