Katie Stanton

It all started when..... 

A small girl was offered the world by her parents in the form of art materials without directions or limits for her creativity to soar and find a way to inspire her own ways of using them. This process gave her a way to channel feelings and emotions in to something she made and gave her a way to communicate her thoughts with the world without saying a word. She grew up and uses her creativity for problem solving, concentration, patience, confidence, an outlet for her feelings and the ability to think outside the box. After 7 years of teaching preschool and dedicating her life to imagination and creativity the Wizard found her self in a world where creativity was getting lost in the race of life. She decided that she needs to bring creative process back to the arts of our youngsters and be able to help foster those same great things that free creative process brought her so many years ago.

The Wizard of Art has spend the better part of the last 7 years teaching, facilitating and educating parents and children in the preschool setting. She has an abundance in early education courses, workshops and conferences. She is trained in Positive Discipline, NAEYC procedures and outdoor classroom programs. She is currently on her way to a bachelors degree in Child Development and working towards her teaching credential in Special Education. 


Family Life

The Wizard of Art has 2 boys who both attend Valencia Elementary. A husband who also has his degree in Child Development and many years of working for programs such as the boys and girls club and various Camps in the San Lorenzo Valley. She spends her "free" time volunteering at Valencia Elementary, having fun with her family, enjoying the great outdoors, succulent gardening and a LOVE for essential oils.